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Meadow Vista Flower and Berry Farm                                     
Rick and Jackie Brown, Registered Organic Farmers

Short but intense..that describes our fall sales period taking place every Saturday through October During our Saturday Markets we are featuring deer resistant perennials, iris rhizomes, local honey, homemade jams and bouquets.

This portion of the season is highlighted by making contact with long term friends as well making delightfully, new acquaintances. 

Throughout this season bouquets are available for order: 530-320-1370. 

Hope to see you soon.

In the meantime, thank you to all those wonderful folks who have visited the Farm this fall.  We look forward to seeing you again as the season begins to change.

Hope to see you soon, Rick and Jackie

  You will find Jackie an amazing source of information as you prepare for your garden.  She has a degree in environmental horticulture, and she is a Master Gardener through the UC Cooperative Extension .

Jackie's Jams:

This winter Jackie has been very busy preparing some delicious jams from berries and other fruit from the Farm.  Called, Kitchen Traditions, the home made jam is sure to delight.  She has canned jams for a long time, but this she earned the status as "Master Food Preserver" through the U.C. Extension program.  That honor is coupled with her status as a "Master Gardener" through the same program.


Compost Tea Formula

Special thanks to

Compost tea delivers beneficial bacteria, microbes and nutrients to your plants and soil. The recipe I used for this batch of compost tea is: 4 gallons of water, 4oz of fish and seaweed fertilizer, 2Tbsp unsulphured molasses, and 4 cups of organic worm castings. I suspended the worm castings in cheese cloth and allowed the entire mixture to bubble (with a fish tank aerator) for at least 24hrs. There are many recipes online for compost tea with most of them being pretty similar. I would encourage folks to research compost tea, the various recipes and how to properly prepare and use compost tea. Aeration in compost tea mixtures such as this one is very important to discourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria, and encourage the growth of beneficial (aerobic) bacteria. The more bubbles the better! Compost tea is great for your plants and vegetables and a great boost for your organic food.

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Gardening Tips in Video Format

Here are some short videos that provide good resources for the organic gardener. Just click on the link to launch them.They are short, informative and lots of fun.

Summer pruning for your fruit trees

Pruning apple and pear trees

Bare root tree selections

Protecting your garden beds in the winter

Fertilizing Organically

Raising Chickens 

Starting your Garden 

Planting Succulents 

Choosing Your Bare Root Tree 

Planting Fava Beans  

Attracting Beneficial Insects for Your Garden 

Planting a Cover Crop 

 Growing Garlic

Organic Mosquito Control and Fly Traps

Planting a Potted Fruit Tree in the Summer

Pruning Grapes in the Summer

Growing Lavender

Summer Prunning and Fruit Thinning

Different Type of Organic Fertilizer 

Making your own Compost Tea

Fighting Unfriendly Insects

Composting Techniques for Your Soil

Flaming for Weed Control 

Creating a Compost Bin 

Transplanting Tomato Plants

Planting your Tomato Crop 



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